ACE & HVAC specialize in providing you as the homeowner with the most economical and energy efficient model possible to stay within your budget. We offer up front pricing with no hidden cost at the end of the job. We install and service all brands.

ACE & HVAC will also do our best to help you take advantage of all utility rebates and tax rebates available to you as the homeowner. We have also have experience working with Mass Saves to get you a loan. We are up to date with our licensing and the new stretch code laws.

We provide the following services:

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Units

We offer the installation of Ductless units. Mitsubishi Electric Ductless systems bring comfort to any room…. without wasted energy or noise.

  • Up to 40% more efficient than window units.
  • Directs cool air where you want – while filtering germs and allergens
  • Heat pump saves you money in the winter, too.
  • No ductwork required, so installation is quick and easy
  • To learn more – click here

Boilers (Gas or Oil)

The standard installations typically include removal of old boiler, installation of new boiler, inspection of oil tank and lines (oil Boilers only), new expansion tank, air separator, new zones, pumps, and new flue.

Furnaces (Gas, Oil or Propane)

The standard installation will include removal of old furnace, installation of new furnace, inspection of oil tank and lines, gas piping, all necessary ductwork and new flue.

Central Air Conditioning

We offer various options of central air conditioning from standard equipment to the highest efficient equipment. We also offer mini splits to be hung on wall. We install equipment to federal standards meaning all equipment must be a minimum of 13 seers 410A refrigerant. If you have a preference of equipment please let us know. We install all makes and models.

Water Heater (gas, propane, oil or electric)

We install energy star water heaters and any size and type. For example: Indirect, tankless, direct vented or power vented.

Other HVAC Services we provide

Zoning, humidification, indoor air quality, make up air, baseboard heat, radiant heat and air filters.


We do not do plumbing service, however we provide new installations. Our plumbing services are on a case-by-case situation.

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